Translatable Skills or 457 Visa’s

I’ve been working with a number of very qualified and capable clients who are struggling to either get into the workforce (grads, new to career candidates) along with very experienced candidates.  It is all too easy for employers to look to a 457 candidate before considering other candidates that have translatable skills in the Australian workforce.  We owe it to ourselves to help build Australia’s talent so that we can create and develop our own.  Now I am definitely not saying that there is no place for 457 candidates (as there certainly is in a lot of some industries) and these industries should be the ones that we are not yet mature enough in.  But what I’ve learned through working with candidates is that most of the skills they have are translatable.  Whether they come from a different industry or simply need to up skill; we owe it to ourselves to develop from within first.  The benefits are endless.  Australian candidates are not confined to a 4 year Contract so this means they can develop in your business (not just do the job they were hired for).  It also means that we keep these skills in Australia (not lose them to another country).  For recruitment to transform, we must take charge of our role and become true long-term advisors to our organisations.  We know our industry and what the market is like.

I am definitely not taking a black and white approach but just asking the question – should we look at translatable skills first?  Food for thought