Why Aren’t We Starting With Our Grads to Tackle Diversity?

I’ve been involved in a number of graduate recruitment campaigns and have put hundred’s of graduates through assessment centres, psychological testing, video screening and aptitude tests.  I really feel for those graduates!   I often wonder if we over assess our graduates – we certainly put them though more testing than our experienced hires!  I also wonder why we put them through so many tests but look for the same results in the testing criteria ie academic scores, aptitude test, how they perform in assessment etc.  I think many organisations (not all) have graduates with very similar profiles.  Have a look at your own organisation – do your grads have the same profile?
Graduates are our future leaders and a great talent pipeline – if we are really trying to tackle diversity in organisations (and not just diversity of culture/gender etc) why are we all looking for the same thing?    This is where I see a great opportunity for organisations.
I’ve introduced diversity in graduate recruitment in the past and it has had a significant impact on diversity – not just diversity of backgrounds but of diversity of thinking.
If we really want to tack diversity – it should start with our graduates!

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