The Bare Consultant is just that – bare of organisational politics, bare of perceived challenges and diverted strategies and bare of judgement.  This gives us the edge to provide a real and transparent service to our business partners and those seeking advice on what is holding their career back.    Here, we grapple with the sometimes raw and controversial issues.  We will challenge your ideas and uncover the underlying dynamics that hold you back.  Whether it is organisational analysis, targeting the right talent, engagement of staff or role analysis (career development tools); we cut though the noise to get to the real and sometimes confronting issues that are hindering progress.  Sometimes it is difficult to see through those damn trees to see what is actually occurring but we are able to cut through noise and spot unconscious processes that are part of all of us.  Being trained to diagnose this and bring it to the forefront for robust discussion is critical and must be done with an empathetic hand.  This is what we love.